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Family law issues can be complicated and even traumatic in some cases. The stakes are often high, and having the right legal representation is essential. If you are involved in a family law case in Desoto County, you need to consult an experienced Desoto Family Attorney as soon as possible.

Understanding Family Law Issues in Desoto County

Some of the most common family law issues arising in Desoto County include:


Divorce ends the legal relationship between two spouses, allowing them to go their separate ways and remarry if desired. If you and your spouse can agree on all issues related to the separation, you can complete a faster, less expensive uncontested divorce. However, disagreements lead to a contested divorce that requires more time in court.

Child Custody

When a child’s parents don’t reside in the same home, child custody determines where the child will live and which parent will be responsible for making important decisions on the child’s behalf. The state of Mississippi requires all child custody decisions to be made based on the best interests of the child.

Child Support

Child support is often necessary when parents don’t live together and/or can’t agree on financial issues related to caring for their child. The exact amount of support required depends on child custody and the income of the parents.


Paternity cases legally establish an individual’s legal role as the father of a specific child. After paternity has been established, child custody and child support orders often follow.


During adoption proceedings, the petitioners are able to become the legal parents of a child that isn’t theirs biologically.

Hiring a Family Attorney in Desoto County

If you are involved in any type of family law issue in Marshall, Lafayette or Desoto County, having the right family law attorney is important for your future. The laws that apply in these cases can be complicated, but your attorney will help you understand how these laws affect you. Your attorney will also be able to explain all of your options so you can make the best decisions throughout your case.

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